I've been leading creative teams of writers, designers and art directors for more than 15 years. I'm at my best in a room of talented people, facilitating creative ideations, starting with a blank slate and then suddenly coming up with something that's full of energy and substance. I'm a writer and a visual artist as well, so while I'm always happy to lead and guide I'm not afraid to get messy either.

Nike employee engagement campaign

Nike had an audacious goal: To double their growth with half the impact. But to get there, they needed every single one of their employees to get on board. I led the messaging, creative strategy and content development of a three-month pilot program to get employees to see the connection between sustainability and innovation. Our team created a weekly cadence of web content, email newsletters, social media content and several executive communications pieces.

500,000 Voices identity and citizen outreach

500,000 Voices was a partnership of the Southwest Washington Community Foundation and a number of other organizations in the Vancouver, Washington region. Together they conducted a survey of residents to understand more about what people hoped for the future of the place they call home. I led the development of the name and logo for the project, intended to signal that every person's opinion was valued. And we created an appealing and readable summary of the survey data, helping it reach a much wider audience.

LLumar content marketing campaign

Our clients were trying to raise awareness among homeowners of the benefits of installing LLumar window film. We created a content marketing campaign that included video content, web-based feature stories and photo galleries and banner ads, to highlight the fact that window film keeps furniture and flooring protected from sun damage. We called the campaign concept "Keep the love alive," tapping into the love homeowners have for their furnishing and desire to keep them from fading.