Great brands know who they are and what they want to say. I love helping clients zone in on their purpose—their authentic truth—and developing a strategy that can guide their business as well as their communications.

Nike sustainable innovation messaging

Nike had an ambitious goal: To double their growth with half the impact. But to get there they needed every single one of their employees to get on board. That wasn't going to happen if they kept talking about sustainability in the same impersonal manner. I led the development of employee insights and a messaging strategy that changed the way Nike framed sustainability for its employees, taking it from a "have to" to an opportunity for personal growth, advancement, and excitement.

J&J Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals messaging

After completing its 2020 Citizenship and Sustainability Goals, J&J wanted to give its employees a shared purpose—and inspire them to take action. I knew to do that, we would need to help them see how the 2020 Goals were connected to the broader mission of the company. Our team created a new worldview for sustainability and citizenship at J&J with a rallying cry of “Better health is everywhere.” The idea was this: no matter if they are inventing a new medicine or finding a path to cleaner air and water, employees are helping to make people and places healthier. We also created messaging with a simple, straightforward structure and conversational tone given that we knew it needed to be meaningful and accessible for a wide range of audiences.

Cadet consumer positioning

When Cadet made the decision to branch out beyond contractors and housing developers and go straight to consumers, they knew they needed to show up differently. I led the development of customer insights and a new positioning strategy that served as a springboard for a consumer-centric brand approach. You can see the beginnings of what eventually came to life in the company's tagline "Inviting Warmth" and the homey logo in this early work.